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Hart-Miller Island and more July Dragonflies & Butterflies.

I participated in a walk around Hart-Miller Island on July 28th. I took a few photos that day. I've also included a few shots of some dragonflies and butterflies from here and there.

A plant Elephant Ear (Polonium tomentosum) found at Hart-Miller Island, and a Great Black-backed Gull. The gull appears to be in 2nd Summer (Alternate) plumage as it still has a good bit of gray in the tail and some browner color in the wings. Another photo features a younger (juvenile) GBB Gull.

Elephant Ear Great Black backed Gull Great Black backed Gull Great Black backed Gull

More of the Great Black-backed Gull, a Caspian Tern photo and a Pond Hawk (all from Hart-Miller Island).
Great Black backed Gull Great Black backed Gull Caspian Tern Pond Hawk photo
Two more photos from Hart-Miller Island of a flock of terns that included a Royal Tern. Then a Blue Grosbeak seen at Russell Road in Garrett County and an American Painted Lady (I don't remember where that was taken).
Tern Flock Tern Flock Blue Grosbeak photo Am. Painted Lady photo

The dragonfly is a Twelve-spotted Skimmer that visited my yard in Frostburg. Then I had a Silvery Checkerspot in Frostburg along the Allegany Highlands Trail. The Eastern Tailed Blues and Fritillary were seen along Russell Road in Garrett County, MD.
Twelve-spotted Skimmer photo Silvery Checkerspot Eastern Tailed Blue Eastern Tailed Blue

Fritillary photo