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Red Necked Phalarope seen in late May, 2007

A little casual birding on a warm day in late May turned up a pleasant surprise. At first I thought it was going to be a Wilson's Phalarope since I have seen that species at this same location (North Branch) in previous years. Upon closer inspection I noticed that the bill was not as long or as thin as I would have expected for a Wilson's Phalarope. I also noticed a lot of dark coloration on the head and upper breast. I called Ray Kiddy and he joined me and we collectively decided that we were looking at a Red'necked Phalarope. It was a county bird for me but Ray looked it up in his PDA and determined that he had seen one about 18 years prior at just about the same time of year.

Unfortunately the heat was already strong enough to produce heat shimmer and the bird was pretty far out in the tarps so the photos are blurry at best.

Red Necked Phalarope photo Red Necked Phalarope photo